IEEE Magnetics Society Newsletter

June 1998

Volume 35. No. 2 ISSN 1059-8340

Richard Dee and John Nyenhuis, Editors

Table of Contents:

Message from the President of the IEEE Magnetics Society

Dan Stancil

Data Storage Systems Center

Carnegie Mellon University

Every Society is reviewed once every five years by the Technical Activities Board (TAB) of the IEEE. The Magnetics Society had its latest review last February. This is a very valuable exercise, and provides a good opportunity for the Society to thoughtfully review its own activities and directions. I learned a lot about the Magnetics Society in the process, and gained a new appreciation for many of our activities. In this column, I would like to tell you about two aspects of the Society that I think are particularly noteworthy: financial health, and publications.

Some of you may recall that the Society experienced a significant drop in net worth during 1993 and 1994. This was caused by unexpectedly low revenues from conferences and the Transactions, coupled with significant losses from the Translation Journal on Magnetics in Japan (TJMJ) before its discontinuation. To be able to provide the necessary financial backing to our conferences and Transactions, we need to maintain a net worth comparable to our annual budget expenses. This provides enough flexibility to accommodate the fluctuations in cash flow that result from unexpected delays in closing conference books and variations in conference and publication costs. In 1994, our net worth dropped to about one fifth of our expenses. To correct this situation, the Society responded by reducing expenditures and increasing revenues where practical. Among the more significant actions taken by the Society was moving the 96 INTERMAG conference from its scheduled location in Budapest to Seattle to minimize the financial risk. Although unpleasant at the time, I am pleased to report that these actions along with a bull stock market have enabled the Society to return to financial health. At the close of 1997 the net worth of the Society was once again approaching the level of our annual budget. As a result, we now have the financial strength to take reasonable risks associated with new initiatives such as electronic publishing. I would like to express my appreciation to the Finance Committee Chairman, Gordon Fish, and the leadership of the Administrative Committee for helping us recover this financial strength. However, revenue forecasts for the next several years show only modest net gains, so a general spirit of fiscal conservatism should continue.

Second, I would like to tell you some of the things that I have learned about the quality and value of the Transactions on Magnetics (T-MAG). I'm sure you already know that it is the archival journal of choice for the data storage industry. But did you know that in 1996 it was the second most cited journal published by the IEEE (after the Journal of Quantum Electronics)! To be fair, this is partly because we publish the largest number of articles, so we are also interested in the average number of citations per published article. An estimate of this is given by the journal impact factor. Only 28 of the 71 IEEE transactions, journals, and letters ranked higher than T-MAG in 1996. (These statistics are from Journal Citation Reports, 1996 Science Edition, filtered by Engineering, Electrical and Electronic.) Another metric of interest to authors is the average time from submission to publication. The IEEE periodically samples the July issue to obtain an estimate of this time. In 1995, the average time from submission to publication for T-MAG was 85 weeks. In 1997, this time was reduced to 51 weeks giving a two-year improvement of 34 weeks. Although we would like to see this reduced further to about 35 weeks, the improvement is impressive, and the performance is significantly better than the IEEE average of about 78 weeks in 1997. Chief Editor Ron Goldfarb and the Associate Editors are to be congratulated for this significant improvement.

Since a large fraction of the papers we publish are associated with conferences, questions are occasionally raised about whether the quality of T-MAG is comparable to those transactions that undergo a more traditional review process. In answer to these questions, the data presented above show that the Transactions on Magnetics is one of the most valued journals published by the IEEE.

Letter to the Editors


I read in the February 1998 issue of the Newsletter that the paper version of the Newsletter will be discontinued after 1998. I understand that, thereafter, the Newsletter will only be published on the web.

I may be a bit old fashioned, but I think the world is going "web crazy" and this decision is more fashionable than wise. I was told that the decision was made to save about ten thousand bucks a year. I believe that this is false savings and that the intangible price to the Society will be much greater.

The Newsletter in its present format is a very attractive, available, and informative instrument of the Magnetics Society. It is prominently displayed in my office. Students and visitors often notice it when they visit. I distribute my copy to members of my group and it is often an important factor in motivating them to join the Magnetics Society. In short, it is very good PR for our Society.

I believe that there are many members like me who appreciate the Newsletter in its present format and wish to retain the tradition of a paper copy which is mailed to members.

Of course, I have some strong personal attachments to this format. As some of the "senior" members may remember, in the beginning the Newsletter was a well written and informative instrument, but it was mimeographed (the technology at the time) and not of the highest printed quality. I served as Newsletter editor from 1972 until 1976 and was fortunate to enlist the Graphics Design Department at Colorado State to "spruce up" the masthead a bit and produce a professional printed document. The format has improved and evolved even more since those days. The Newsletter is now a very professional, well produced, attractive, and informative document which serves the Society extremely well, in my opinion. I, for one, would hate to see our Newsletter go away as a victim of "web crazy" fashionability!

Many of us access the web through fast links with direct network connections, and I can click on these sites as easily as anyone. But then again, many of us don't have this fast access to the web. And, as many of us experience daily, this "fast access" is not always fast. Present problems with slow modems, web traffic jams, and the profusion of web material best left undescribed are just the beginning of problems yet to come. While I agree that, on the whole, the web is a good thing, I would rather FIND my Newsletter as a nice surprise in my mailbox rather than fight the web to extract it. And then again, I would rather READ my Newsletter sitting in a comfortable chair by the fire (or pool!). I have to sit at the computer too much already!

I wonder how others feel?

Carl Patton
Colorado State University

Response from the editors:
Thank you for your letter. The ADCOM of the IEEE Magnetics Society voted at the January meeting to discontinue the paper version of the Newsletter. This decision was based primarily on financial issues. The added cost to print and to mail the paper newsletter to the approximately 3500 subscribers costs in excess of $10,000 per year. Whether or not there is a paper version, the web version of the newsletter will continue. Comments from other readers are welcome and the sentiments will be transmitted to the ADCOM.

About the Newsletter

The objective of the IEEE Magnetics Society Newsletter is to publicize activities, conferences, workshops and other information of interest to the Society membership and technical people in the general area of applied magnetics. Copy is solicited from the Magnetics Society membership, organizers of conferences, officers of the Society and local chapters and other individuals with relevant material. The Magnetics Society Newsletter will be published four times a year.

In 1998, the paper version of the Newsletter will be sent to members of the IEEE Magnetics Society and the electronic version, which includes the contents of the paper version plus additional information, is on the Magnetics Society Web Page. Commencing in 1999, the paper version of the Newsletter will be discontinued and the Newsletter will only be published only on the Web at

Please send contributions to one of the co-editors:

Dr. Richard H. Dee
Storage Technology Corporation
2270 South 88th Street
Lousiville, CO 80028-8110 h
TEL: 303-673-3976 FAX 303-673-6540 E-Mail:

Prof. John Nyenhuis
Purdue University
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1285
TEL 765-494-3524 FAX 765-494-2706

The IEEE Magnetics Society Newsletter is published by the Magnetics Society of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. Headquarters of the IEEE is 345 East 47th Street, New York, NY 10017-2394, $1.00 per year (included in Society fee) for each member of the Magnetic Society. Printed in USA. Second-class postage paid at New York, NY and at additional mailing offices. Postmaster: Send address changes to IEEE Magnetics Society Newsletter, IEEE, 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854-4150.

IEEE Magnetics Society Distinuished Lecturers

Prof. David Jiles and Prof. Shmuel Shtrikman are completing their assignments as distinguished lecturers for 1997-1998. For 1998, there will be three distinguished lecturers: Prof. Giorgio Bertotti, Dr. Gordon F. Hughes and Prof. Robert L. White. Titles of their talks and contact information are listed below. Links to abstracts can be found at the IEEE Magnetics Society Web page at
Please contact the speaker if you would like a presentation to be made to your organization.

1997-1998 Distinguished Lecturers

  • Prof. David C. Jiles
    Modeling Magnetic Properties of Materials
    Ames Laboratory
    Iowa State University
    Ames, Iowa
    TEL 515-294-5655 FAX 515-294-8727

  • Prof. S. Shtrikman
    A Short Excursion into Magnetic Levitation
    The Weizmann Institute of Science
    Department of Electronics
    P.O. Box 26
    Rehovot 76 100
    FAX +972-8-934-4109

    1998-1999 Distinguished Lecturers

  • Prof. Giorgio Bertotti
    Hysteresis in Magnetism
    IEN Galileo Ferraris
    Materials Department
    Corso Massimo d'Azeglio 42
    I-10125 Torino, Italy
    TEL +39 (11) 3919-751 FAX +39 (11) 65 07 611

  • Dr. Gordon F. Hughes
    Cross-Disciplinary Physics, Tribology, Mechanics, Electronics, and Real-Time Systems in Disk-Drive Technology (Revisited)
    Center for Magnetic Recording Research
    University of California at San Diego
    San Diego, CA 92093-0401 USA

  • Prof. Robert L. White
    Ultra-High Density Magnetic Recording: What are the fundamental Physical Bounds?
    Stanford Center for Research on Information Storage Materials
    Stanford University
    Stanford, CA 94305 USA

    Nominations Sought for 1999 Achievement Award of the Magnetics Society

    The Magnetics Society of the IEEE honors one of its outstanding members each year for his or her lifelong professional achievement. This is the highest award of the Magnetics Society and is given for scientific, technical and service contributions to the society. The award is presented at Intermag each year and consists of a diploma with citation and a cash prize.

    The past award winners were Fred Luborsky 1981, Herb Storm 1982, Harold Lord 1984, Joe Suozzi 1985, Fritz Friedlaender 1986, Andrew Bobeck 1987, Floyd Humphrey 1988, Paul Biringer 1989, Daniel Gordon 1990, Emerson Pugh 1991, Yoshifumi Sakurai 1992, William Doyle 1993, Richard Barker 1994, Mark Kryder 1995, Koosuke Harada 1996, Gordon Slemon 1997 and Stanley Charap 1998.

    Nominations are requested. For your convenience, please use the Achievement Award nomination form obtainable from Fritz Friedlaender, Floyd Humphrey or the IEEE. Any member of the Magnetics Society may nominate a candidate at any time. To be considered for the 1999 award, nominations should be received before November 1, 1998. Please send nominations to:

    Floyd B. Humphrey
    Chairman, Achievement Awards Committee
    P.O. Box 722
    Meredith, NH 03253-0722
    Voice/FAX (603) 279-3395
    E-mail FBH@BU.EDU

    Call for Nominations for 1999-2001 Administrative Committee

    In accordance with Article 4.3 of the By-Laws of the Magnetics Society, the Nominations Committee (NomCom) hereby solicits nominations for the Administrative Committee (AdCom) from all members of the Magnetics Society. This year eight positions on the AdCom for a three-year term beginning January 1,1999 will be filled. The NomCom -- consisting of S.H. Charap, D.I. Gordon, R. Katti, T. Suzuki, and W.D. Doyle (Chairman) -- will consider all names submitted and compose a ballot from these inputs.

    Please submit a short biography (250 words or less) with each of your nominations. A nomination submitted without a biography will not be considered. The IEEE Membership Number of each nominee must be included with the biography. AdCom members who have served two consecutive 3-year terms are not eligible for election without taking a one-year break. Also, please be advised that a petition for a nominee, signed by a minimum of 25 society members in good standing, will automatically place that nominee on the ballot. See list of AdCom membership below.

    The Nominations Committee will work according to the following timetable:

    June 12: Call for Nominations will be received by all eligible Magnetics Society members.

    July 10: Deadline for receipt of nominations (with biographies) by the NomCom Chairman.

    Aug. 7: Selection of nominees for AdCom ballot completed.

    Aug. 21: Ballots for election of eight AdCom members mailed to 1998 AdCom members.

    Sept. 4: Deadline for receipt of AdCom ballots by the NomCom Chairman.

    Sept. 18: Election of eight new AdCom members completed.

    Sept.18: Ballots for election of 1999 officers mailed to 1999 AdCom members.

    Nov. 6: Deadline for receipt of officer ballots by the NomCom Chairman

    Nov. 20: Notification of results to Magnetics Society President and IEEE Technical Activities Board Chairman.

    Please send all nominations and biographies to the NomCom Chair early enough so that they are received by the deadline date (July 10, 1998). His contact information is as follows:

    Bill Doyle
    Nominations Committee Chairman
    The University of Alabama
    MINT Center
    P.O. Box 870209, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0209 USA
    TEL 205-348-2508 FAX 205-348-2346

    AdCom Membership

    Term expires Decmber 31, 1998
    A. Chaiken, F.J. Friedlander, R.F. Hoyt, D.C. Jiles, J.H. Judy, D.N. Lambeth, M. Pardavi-Horvath, P.E. Wigen

    Term expires December 31, 1999
    G.E. Fish, T. Jagielinski, F.E. Luborsky, I. Mayergoyz, E. Murdock, J.A. Nyenhuis, K. O'Grady, J. Zhu

    Term expires December 31, 2000
    G. Bertotti, S.H. Charap, E.D. Dahlberg, R. Gerber, R.S. Indeck, R. Katti, Y. Miura, S.X. Wang

    Term expires December 31, 2001
    Eight to be elected. (Judy, Lambeth, Hoyt, Pardavi-Horvath, and Wigen are not eligible for re-election because they have served two consecutive terms.)

    TMRC '98 to be Held in Boulder, Colorado

    The 1998 Magnetic Recording Conference (TMRC'98) will be held on August 17-19, 1998, at the Regal Harvest House Hotel in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The focus of TMRC'98 is on magnetic recording heads. Information on TMRC'98 can be obtained on the web at TMRC'98 is primarily a conference of invited papers. Invited papers will be presented in morning and afternoon oral sessions, and again for discussion in the late-afternoon poster session. Authors of invited papers will submit manuscripts for review for publication in the "IEEE Transactions on Magnetics." The poster session will also contain contributed papers. Contributed papers will not be submitted for review through TMRC'98 for publication in the "IEEE Transactions on Magnetics." Contributed papers are intended to be papers from university students, and post-deadline papers whose results merit quick circulation.

    Information on TMRC '98 may be obtained from the publicity chair:

    Publicity Chair
    Yung Yip
    Imation Corp.
    3M Center 236-GN-06
    St. Paul, MN 55144-1000
    TEL: (612)704-5091 FAX: (612)737-2801 E-mail:

    MMM '98 to be Held in Miami, Florida USA

    The 43rd Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Miami, Florida USA. The Conference annually brings together scientists and engineers interested in recent developments in all branches of fundamental and applied magnetism. Emphasis is traditionally placed on experimental and theoretical research in magnetism, the properties and synthesis of new magnetic materials and advances in magnetic technology. The program will consist of invited and contributed papers. Selection of contributed papers is based on abstracts which were due on May 20, 1998. An Abstract Booklet will be available in advance of the Conference from the American Institute of Physics. Registrants will receive the booklet at the Conference. Proceedings will be published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

    Individuals who are not on the Conference mailing list may obtain Conference information by by contacting the Conference Coordinator:

    Courtesy Associates
    2000 L Street NW Suite 710
    Washington, DC 20036 USA
    TEL 202-973-8668 FAX 202-973-8722

    The latest information on MMM '98 can be obtained on World Wide Web via the IEEE Magnetics Society Home Page:

    This topical conference is jointly sponsored by the American Institute of Physics and the Magnetics Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in cooperation with the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, the Office of Naval Research, the American Society for Testing and Materials, the American Physical Society, and the American Ceramic Society.

    Conference Calendar

  • May 11-13, 1998
    Chicago Illinois USA.
    17th Annual Conference on Properties and Applications of Magnetic Materials.
    For information, contact:
    Bonnie Dow
    Illinois Institute of Technology
    TEL 312-567-6809 FAX 312-567-8976

  • May 14-15, 1998
    Ames, Iowa USA.
    Symposium on Microstructure and Microscopy of Magnetic Materials. Information at
    For information, contact:
    Dr. Madhav Rao Govindaraju
    Karta Technology, Inc.
    1892 Grandstand
    San Antonio, TX 78238 USA
    TEL 210-681-9102 (ext 312) FAX 210-681-9198
  • May 28-20, 1998
    Second International Conference on the
    Scientific and Clinical Applications of Magnetic Carriers
    Cleveland, Ohio USA
    For information, contact:
    Urs Hafeli
    Radiation Oncology Dept. T28
    The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
    9500 Euclid Ave.
    Cleveland, OH 44195 USA
    TEl: +1-216-444-2174 FAX: +1-216-445-4480

  • June 1-3, 1998
    The Eighth Biennial IEEE Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation, Tucson, Arizona USA. Information at
    For information, contact:
    CEFC'98 Secretariat
    Engineering Professional Development
    The University of Arizona
    1224 N. Vine Avenue
    Tucson, AZ 85719-4552
    TEL 520-621-3054 FAX 520-621-1443
  • June 7-11, 1998
    IEEE ICC '98 Conference Signal Processing for Data Storage, Atlanta, GA
    Info at
  • June 14-19, 1998
    3rd International Symposium on Metallic Multilayers (MML '98) held jointly with the EMRS Symposium on Magnetic Ultrathin Films Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    For information contact:
    MML/EMRS 1998 Symposium
    Conference Services, Halpern Centre
    Simon Fraser University
    8888 University Drive
    Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6
    TEL: (604) 291-4910, FAX (604) 291-3420
  • June 22-24, 1998
    IEEE 1998 International Nonvolatile Memory Technology Conference
    Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
    For information contact:
    Gail Wesling, Publications
    12250 Saraglen Drive
    Saratoga, CA 95070 USA
    Phone: 408-257-5702
    Fax: 408-285-9670
  • June 24-26, 1998
  • 16th Conference on New Magnetic Materials for Microelectronics
    Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
    For information contact:
    Prof. Alexander Logginov
    Moscow State University
    Physics Department
    Moscow 119899

  • July 10-11, 1998
    International Workshop on Finite Elements for Microwave Engineering: FROM ELECTROMAGNETICS TO MICROWAVE ELECTRONICS SOFTWARE
    For information contact:
    IRCOM, University of Limoges
    123 avenue Albert-Thomas
    87060 Limoges Cedex, France
    Fax: +33-5-55-457-514
  • July 13-17, 1998
    1998 NSIC Annual Meeting
    DoubleTree Hotel, Monterey, CA
  • July 29-31, 1998
    Asia-Pacific Magnetic Recording Conference
    Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore
    For information contact: Bharat Bhushan
    Ph: (614) 292-0651, FAX (614) 292-0325

  • August 17-19, 1998
    The Magnetic Recording Conference TMRC '98
    For information, contact:
    Yung Yip
    Imation Corp.
    3M Center 236-GN-06
    St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 USA
    TEL (612)704-5091 FAX: (612)737-2801
  • August 20-22, 1998
    MRSEC Topical Workshop on Magnetic Heterostructures
    Information at:
  • August 23-26, 1998
    ISPMM '98
    Fourth International Symposium on Physics of Magnetic Materials
    Sendai, Japan
    For information, contact:
    K. Takanashi
    ISPMM '98 Secretary
    Magnetic Materials Laboratory
    IMR, Tohoku University
    Katahira 2-1-1, Aoba-ku
    Sendai 980-77
    TEL: +81-22-215-2098 FAX: +81-22-215-2096

  • August 30 - September 3, 1998
    Fifteenth International Conference on Rare Earth Magnets and their Applications
    K-H Muller
    REM XV
    Institut fuer Festkoerper und Werkstoffforschung
    D-01171 Dresden, Germany
    Tel: +49 351 4659 237
    Fax: +49 351 4659 541

  • August 31 - September 2, 1998
    7th International Conference on Magnetic Recording Media
    Maastricht, Netherlands
    Info at:

  • September 2-4, 1998
    International Conference on Electrical Machines
    For information, contact:
    Prof. Dr. H. Bulent Eftan
    ICEM '98 Conference Office
    Middle East Technical University
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dept.
    Inonu Bulvari 06531 Ankara Turkey
    TEL +90 312 210 23 59 FAX +90 312 210 12 61 +90 312 210 11 05
  • November 1-6, 1998
    Boston, Mass. USA
    For infomation, contact:
    L.T. Romankiw
    IBM Corporation
    Thomas J. Watson Research Center
    P.O. Box 218
    Yorktown Heights New York 10598 USA,
    Phone: (914) 945-1208, Fax: (914) 945-4081

  • November 9-12, 1998
    43rd Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Miami, Florida USA
    For information, contact:
    Diane Suiters, Courtesy Associates
    2000 L Street NW, Suite 710
    Washington, DC 20036
    TEL: 202 973-8668
    FAX: 202 331-0111
  • January 10-14, 1999
    Magneto Optical Recording International Symposium '99 (Moris '99)
    Doubletree Hotel, Monterey, CA USA
    For information, contact:
    Prof. Akiyoshi Itoh
    Dept. of Electronic Engineering
    College of Science and Technology
    Nihon University
    7-24-1 Narasino-dai
    Funabashi 274-8501
    TEL +81-474-69-5455 FAX +81-474-67-9683

  • May 18-21, 1999
    Intermag Conference, Kyongju, Korea
    For information, contact:
    Diane Suiters, Courtesy Associates
    2000 L Street NW, Suite 710
    Washington, DC 20036
    TEL: 202 973-8668
    FAX: 202 331-0111
  • May 17-19, 1999
    Electrosoft 99 - Software for Electrical Engineering
    Seville, Spain
    For information, contact:
    Liz Kerr
    Wessex Institute of Technology
    Ashurst Lodge
    Southhampton SO40 7AA
    United Kingdom
    TEL +44-1703-293223 FAX: +44-1703-292853

  • Nov. 15-18, 1999
    44th Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, San Jose, California, USA.
    For information, contact:
    Diane Suiters, Courtesy Associates
    2000 L Street NW, Suite 710
    Washington, DC 20036
    TEL: 202 973-8668
    FAX: 202 331-0111
  • April 9-12, 2000
    Intermag Conference, Toronto, Canada
    For information, contact:
    Diane Suiters, Courtesy Associates
    2000 L Street NW, Suite 710
    Washington, DC 20036
    TEL: 202 973-8668
    FAX: 202 331-0111
  • January 8-11, 2001
    8th Joint MMM-Intermag Conference
    San Antonio, Texas USA
    For information, contact:
    Diane Suiters, Courtesy Associates
    2000 L Street NW, Suite 710
    Washington, DC 20036
    TEL: 202 973-8668
    FAX: 202 331-0111