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  1. Professional Development Programs Earn Awards for Sections
  2. Scholarship Goes to Developer of Keystroke Software for Disabled
  3. Share Ideas for Enticing Members On Online Community
  4. Wrench Thrown Into Workings of Visa Renewal
  5. Submit Your Honors and Recognitions to The Institute
  6. What the Tango Can Teach You About Communicating at Meetings
  7. Consumer Communications Conference Proceedings Available

The most current version of THE INSTITUTE can always be found at<>

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+ Demand for Phased Retirement Programs on the Rise
Many professionals nearing retirement age are opting to continue working by taking advantage of one of several phased retirement options. These alternative work arrangements are becoming more and more popular in the American workplace, as they benefit employers and employees alike.

+ 10 Thoughts on Innovation
The weak U.S. dollar is making American goods less expensive and therefore more attractive to international markets. This export environment should provide benefits for American companies and could benefit U.S. workers in the process.

+ Exports Hold Potential for Small Businesses, Job Growth
Many modern-day technological advances are remarkable, to be sure, but modest innovations get introduced to the marketplace every day. Whether simple or complex, several general rules of thumb apply to all innovations.

+ Bush and Kerry Outline Stances on Technology Issues
Although agreeing on broad technology issues, President George Bush and Democratic challenger John Kerry differ significantly on many of the specific government programs and initiatives in place or needed to reap maximum benefits from advanced technology development. How do their stands compare with IEEE-USA's positions?

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+ Engineering in Pop Culture: Technology and the Olympics
+ Capitol Shavings: Legislators Contemplate Their Own Demise
+ World Bytes: Digital Divide
+ Reader Feedback

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