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News from Central and South Italy Chapter by Gugliamo Rubinacci

Workshop on Electromagnetic diagnostics and its advanced applications in industrial and civil engineering and in cultural goods maintenance.

The workshop was held at the Faculty of Engineering of Terni, Italy, May 28, and was organized under the auspices of the IEEE Magnetics Society and the IEEE Magnetics Society chapter, Central and South Italy Section. The objective of the workshop was to promote research in the field of electromagnetic diagnostics for applications in industrial and civil engineering and in cultural goods maintenance. It was a great opportunity for an exchange of ideas, methods and technical information among researchers of Italian Universities and representatives of the productive world. Researchers from six Universities were present: University of Perugia (organizer); University of Cassino,;2nd University of Napoli; University of Pavia; University of Reggio Calabria; and University of Udine. In addition, exponents of metallurgic industry, manufacturing of equipment for electromagnetic diagnostics, experts of cultural goods safeguard, and renovators of historical buildings attended the event.

The final working report of the MADEND (Methods and Applications of Electromagnetic Non-destructive diagnostic) National Research Project, involving several Italian Universities was presented. After brief welcoming remarks by the chairman Prof. Ermanno Cardelli the following oral contributions were presented, and a panel discussion followed.

Some images from the contributions are shown below. Figures 1 and 2 are two-dimensional electrical tomography images and radar inspections realized by Dr. Morelli of the Geostudi Astler, Livorno, Italy. Figure 3 show a thermographic image realized by Dr. Seracini of the Edithec, Firenze, Italy.

Figure 1: Two dimensional electrical tomography of earth, Montaione, Firenze, Italy

Figure 2: Radar inspection of a painting by Vasari, Sala del 500, Firenze, Italy.


Figure 3: Thermographic inspection of a building.

News from the Romanian chapter by Alexandru Stancu

The IEEE ROMSC 2004 conference was held 10-11 June 2004 by the Romanian IEEE Magnetics Society Chapter, in Iasi, Romania. Attached are some pictures from the conference

We have organized a joint opening of our conference and ICPAM 7 (International Conference on Physics of Advanced Materials). The Rector of our University, professor Dumitru OPREA, participated in the opening ceremony t.

All the papers programmed have been presented. Participants from the USA, Germany, Hungary, Moldavia and Romania were present. During the conference we prepared promotional materials for the IEEE Magnetics Society. We also held discussions with our colleagues from other Romanian research centers (Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta) in order to convince them to join our scientific community.

The conference was quite successful, and we are already thinking about how to organize the next scientific event. We plan to organize a half-day meeting in October with the occasion of the visit of Dr. Dieter Weller (distinguished lecturer).


News from the UKRI Chapter by Mike Gibbs

On 21st May 2004 we held a meeting of the UKRI chapter of the IEEE Magnetics Society. There were 5 speakers, the main speaker being Jimmy Zhu of CMU, who is one of this year's Distinguished Lecturers. Below is a complete list of speakers. There were a total of 50 attendees, of whom 15 were IEEE members, the remainder being mainly students from various research groups in the UK. We had representatives from the Universities of Manchester, Sheffield, York, Oxford, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Bangor and Edinburgh, as well as Nanomagnetics Ltd from Bristol.

We intend to host further similar meetings with the other two distinguished lecturers in the fall. Dieter Weller and Bob McMichael have both agreed in principal to talk at meetings in York and Exeter respectively, we are in the process of arranging dates.

Prof Jimmy Zhu, Carnegie-Mellon University
          IEEE Distinguished Lecturer 2004
          "Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory: the path to competitiveness"

Prof Amanda Petford-Long, Department of Materials, University of Oxford
          "Microscopy of information storage materials"

Prof C. David Wright, School of Engineering, Computer
          Science and Mathematics, The University of Exeter
          "Data Storage Network - UK"

Prof C. David Wright, School of Engineering, Computer
          Science and Mathematics, The University of Exeter
          "Tbit/ storage using scanning probes in phase-change media"

Prof Kevin O'Grady, Department of Physics, University of York
          "Thermal activation and demagnetising effects in perpendicular media"

Dr Dieter Suess, Magnetic Materials and Micromagnetics
          Group, Vienna University of Technology
          "Magnetic recording simulations: from the write current to the read back"

Dr. Richard H. Dee
Magnetics Society Chapters Chair