IEEE Magnetics Society Educational Committee

J.W. Harrell was recently appointed as chair of the Education Committee (EdCom), replacing Can Korman who has served as committee chair for the past several years. J.W. is a professor of physics at The University of Alabama and a participant in the university's Center for Materials for Information Technology (MINT) research program.

The EdCom committee reports to the Administrative Committee of the Magnetics Society, and its primary charge is to organize tutorial sessions at the Intermag conferences and to coordinate student travel support to the conferences.

The committee is open to considering other educational issues that may be of importance to Society members. There are currently approximately 20 members of EdCom. Approximately 2/3 of the membership is from universities with the remainder from industry and national labs.

The EdCom is in the process of planning a tutorial session for the upcoming Joint MMM/Intermag Conference in Anaheim in January. Some of the recent tutorials include "What's New in Biomagnetism?", "Recent Advances in Nanomagnetism", and "Magnetic MEMS". EdCom welcomes suggestions for new tutorials.

J. W Harrell
Education Committee of the IEEE Magnetics Society