Call for Nominations

For 2005-2007 Administrative Committee

In accordance witd Article 4.3 of the By-Laws of the Magnetics Society, the Nominations Committee of the IEEE Magnetic Society hereby solicits nominations from all members of the Magnetics Society for candidates to the Administrative Committee (AdCom). Eight positions, having tdree year terms, are to be filled each year on the AdCom. Witd tdis memo we solicit your nominations of members of the society for the tdree-year term beginning January 1, 2005 and running tdrough December 31, 2007. the nomination committee, consisting of S. H. Charap, J. Fiedler, T. Lee, C. Lodder, Y. Sugita, D. tdompson, D. Weller and P. E. Wigen, Chair, will consider all names submitted and compose a ballot from tdese inputs.

Witd your nominations please submit a short biography (250 words or less) and the IEEE membership number for each candidate. A nomination submitted witdout a biography will not be considered. the IEEE Membership Number of each nominee must be included witd the biography. AdCom members who are completing a second consecutive 3-year terms are not eligible for reelection. Also, please be advised tdat a petition for a nominee, signed by a minimum of 25 society members in good standing, will automatically place tdat nominee on the ballot.

the Nominations Committee will work according to the following timetable:

May 7 Call for Nominations will be submitted to all eligible Magnetics Society members
June 11 Deadline for receipt of nominations (witd biographies) by the Nominations Comm. Chairman
July 16 Selection of nominees for the AdCom ballot completed
July 23 Ballots for election of eight AdCom members will be mailed to 2002 AdCom members
Aug. 20 Deadline for receipt of AdCom ballots by the Nomination Comm. Chairman
Sept. 17 Election of eight new AdCom members completed

Please mail all nominations and biographies to the Chairman or a committee member early enough so tdat tdey are received by the deadline date (June 11, 2004).

The address of the chairperson is:

Philip E. Wigen, Nominations Committee Chairman Phone: 626-786-4661
The Ohio State University, Dept. Of Physics Fax: 614-292-7557
174 W. 18td Ave., Columbus, OH 43210, USA E-mail:

Present Elected Administrative Committee Members

Terms Expiring December 31, 2004

W. Cain*; M. Doerner; B. Guerney*; R. Katti; C. Patton*; C. Perlov*; T. Suzuki*; S. Wang

Terms Expiring December 31, 2005

G. Bertoti; T. Howell; D. Lambeth; R. O'Handley; C. Ross; D. Weller; P. Wigen; R. Wood

Terms Expiring December 31, 2006

D. Jiles, D. Lavers, T. Lee, L. Lewis, K. Ounadjela, J. Thiele, S. Ueno and R. Victora

*Members completing their second term and not eligible for reelection

Members and contacts of the IEEE Magnetic Society Nominations Committee:

S. Charap
J. Fidler
T. D. Lee
J. C. Lodder
Y. Sugita
D. Thompson
D. Weller
P. Wigen

Nominations Committee

Philip E. Wigen, Chp.
Department of Physics
Ohio State University
174 West 18th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
Ph 614-292-7439
Ph 614-292-7439
Cell 626-786-4661

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