From the history of tape recording

A well-worn transport assembly of a German Magnetophone
tape recorder. This machine was one of those brought back
to the U.S. by Jack Mullin. (Courtesy of Ampex.)

AEG Magnetophon, 1935, from EMTEC

Magnetic recording tape pioneers Jack Mullin (left),
Frank Healey, and Wayne Johnson discuss early
tape programs edited for the ABC Philco Hour radio
program with Bing Crosby (right). Crosby was an
avid proponent of tape recording, and his ABC network show
was the first nationally broadcast tape program in the United States.
Mr. Johnson led engineering research at Crosby Enterprises.
(Courtesy of 3M.)

Ampex chief engineer Harold Lindsay checks out
the first American professional audiotape recorder,
the model 200. This machine was first
used by ABC in 1948. (Courtesy of Ampex.)

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