Call for manuscripts

For publication in the

IEEE Potentials Magazine

The IEEE Potentials Magazine goes to all student members of the IEEE (USA and Canada), presently over 50,000.

The level of the article is addressed to the undergraduate/graduate student and has several objectives:

It should be stressed that the article should not try to mystify the student, but to enable the student to learn more about technical material that he/she may/may not become acquainted with in their formal course work.

Length of article can be no more than 10 manuscript pages ( 8 by 11) reduced by the number of figures shorter papers are also acceptable.

The manuscripts are reviewed by: students, faculty, researchers in the area and then a decision is made as to whether to publish, or not.

If interested, contact:

Dr. George W. Zobrist
Professor Emeritus
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Potentials Magazine
12030 Country Club Drive
Rolla, MO 65401
Ph: 573-364-6905
Fax: 573-341-4501

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