IEEE Magnetics Society Organization


First Name Last Name Position Company / Institution
Kevin O'Grady President The University of York
Carl Patton Vice President Colorado State University
Randall Victora Secretary/Treasurer University of Minnesota
Ron Indeck Past-President Washington University

Elected Members (Voting)

First Name Last Name Term Company / Institution
Bernard Dieny 2005-2006 C.E.A./C.N.R.S.
Taek Dong Lee 2004-2006 Korean Adv. Institute Of Science and Technology
Ryusuke Hasegawa 2005-2006 Metglas Inc.
David Jiles 2004-2006 Cardiff University
Yoshimasa Miura 2005-2006 Shinshu University
Kamel Ounadjela 2004-2006  
Jan-Ulrich Thiele 2004-2006 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
Shoogo Ueno 2004-2006 University of Tokyo
John Chapman 2005-2007 Department of Physics and Astronomy
William Doyle 2005-2007 University of Alabama
Liesl Folks 2005-2007 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
Burkard Hillebrands 2005-2007 Fachbereich Physik
Hiroaki Muraoka 2005-2007 Tohoku University
Martha Pardavi-Horvath 2005-2007 The George Washington University
Bruce Terris 2005-2007 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
Shan Wang 2005-2007 Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials
Giorgio Bertotti 2006-2008 IEN Galileo Ferraris
Josef Fidler 2006-2008  
Sarah Majetich 2006-2008 Carnegie Mellon University
Massimo Pasquale 2006-2008 IEN Galileo Ferraris
Caroline Ross 2006-2008 Massashusetts Institute of Technology
Takao Suzuki 2006-2008 Information Storage Materials Laboratory
Dieter Weller 2006-2008 Seagate Recording Media Operations
Roger Wood 2006-2008 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
Ching-Ray Chang 2007-2009 Dept of Physics
Roy Chantrell 2007-2009 Physics Department
Bernard Dieny 2007-2009 C.E.A./C.N.R.S.
Robert Fontana 2007-2009  
Ryusuke Hasegawa 2007-2009 Metglas Inc.
David Jiles 2007-2009 Wolfson Centre for Magnetics
Jan-Ulrich Thiele 2007-2009 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
Shoogo Ueno 2007-2009 University of Tokyo

Appointed Chairs (Voting)

First Name Last Name Position Company / Institution
Richard Dee Chapters & Membership Sun Microsystems
Ron Goldfarb Publications National Institute of Standards & Technology
Mel Gomez Technical Committee University of Maryland
Bruce Gurney Awards Hitachi Global Storage Technologies,
J.W. Harrell Education The University of Alabama
Can Korman Publicity George Washington University
Laura Lewis Finance Brookhaven National Laboratory
Bob McMichael Standards National Institute of Standards & Technology
Phil Wigen Nominations Ohio State University
Doug Lavers Conference Executive Committee University of Toronto

Non-voting Positions

First Name Last Name Position Company / Institution
Roy Chantrell Distinguished Lecturers Coordinator York University
David Jiles Editor in Chief of the Transactions Cardiff University
Diane Melton Executive Director Courtesy Associates
Martha Pardavi-Horvath Newsletter Editor George Washington University



The election of members to the Magnetic Society Administration Committee has been completed. These members will serve on the AdCom from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2009.

The following have been elected to the AdCom:

Jiles, Thiele and Ueno were elected to a second term on AdCom.

We welcome these new members to the AdCom and look forward to their contributions from the membership in general to the organization and overview of the programs of the Magnetic Society

Philip E. Wigen

Chair Nominations Committee