Mondo Magnets explains amazing experiments and astounding “magic” tricks

(But don’t tell: the secret behind them all is in the magnets!)

CHICAGO: Magnets do much more than hold photos and report cards to the refrigerator door and keep the needles in compasses heading north. In fact, the unique field of magnetism has some exceptional and often bizarre properties to explore.

In Mondo Magnets: 40 Attractive (And Repulsive) Devices & Demonstrations (Chicago Review Press, March 2007), Fred Jeffers produces surprising and seemingly impossible effects in experiments using magnets.

“Even some magnetic experts have been baffled by the results of my ‘magic’ experiments,” explains Jeffers, “but I tell them, it’s not magic, it’s magnets!”

The experiments in Mondo Magnets explore the little understood realm of magnetism, and are simple and safe to conduct. Jeffers offers clear instructions and plentiful illustrations that demonstrate how magnets can lift rocks, suspend spinning tops inches off the ground and cause other magnets to leap into the air.

Mondo Magnets contains some experiments that even function as parlor tricks. A common refrigerator magnet can produce a dazzling three-dimensional image, and the right magnet will turn a pool of black liquid into a raised spiky surface.

Each experiment includes step-by-step instructions and specific information on where specific types of magnets can be purchased. Mondo Magnets also contains in-depth explanations of the magnetic physics that underlie each demonstration.

Handy charts and rigorous scientific accounts ensure that Mondo Magnets appeals to the amateur tinkerer and the science scholar alike.

Fred Jeffers has worked in magnetic product research and development since 1967 and has been awarded 60 U.S. patents, with several more pending. He is an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellow and was an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer for 1999-2000. He lives in Escondido, California.

Book Details:
Title: Mondo Magnets: 40 Attractive (And Repulsive) Devices & Demonstrations
Author: Fred Jeffers
Publisher: Chicago Review Press, Distributed by Independent Publishers Group
Publication: March 2007, $16.95 (CAN $22.95), paper, ISBN: 155652530X
Science, 160 pages, 7 x 10, 110 b&w photos, 20 b&w diagrams

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